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Self-Service car wash

Unique New Generation Car Wash Systems


Excellent Car Wash Quality

Maximum Investment Efficiency

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Gantry Car Washes

Offer your clients a contactless car wash solution for a large variety of different vehicles, buses, trucks, trains or trams



If you require washing of special vehicle cisterns, excavators, garbage trucks, etc., feel free to contact us - we have solutions for you!

Business Cooperation

Offer your clients and partners a superior quality, quick washing and cleaning

The Best Selection of Equipment

SOAP self-service car washes have carefully chosen its partners and suppliers of equipment and technology to ensure absolute safety and top efficiency. Our self-service car washes thereby ensure continued quality, better work flexibility, effective energy solutions and workflow transparency.

Digital Self-Service Car Washes

SOAP self-service car washes are completely digitalized and enable you access to latest app solutions for a quicker, more transparent and simpler workflow.

Save Time and Money

Color touch monitors with remote access, financial control, alarm and error systems - all of it, and more, within the palm of your hand

Digital Management

Make critical decisions from anywhere at any time. Free yourself from limitations in performing business operations

SOAP samoposlužne autopraonice ženska osoba drži mobitel u ruci digitalna transformacija
Turnkey System

Complete Service Package

SOAP self-service car washes represent the latest generation of car washes. Their production, distribution and technological equipment are leading characteristics on the market.

SOAP samoposlužne autopraonice predstavljaju najnoviju generaciju autopraonica.

Their production, distribution and technological equipment are a leading feature in the car wash market.


Work Precision

From project documentation to pumps, every detail is carefully taken into account in order to create a perfect functional unit

Fulfilling Your Needs

Car washes are designed, modified, redesigned and rebranded to your liking and needs. Be unique and offer top quality

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Planine na čistom plavom nebu iskustvo SOAP samoposlužne autopraonice
20 Years' of Success

A Wealth of Experience

SOAP operates already over two decades in the fields of production, maintenance and service of self-service car washes, as well as distribution and implementation of gantry car washes

Innovative Production

Integrated solutions, lower consumption, effective energy distribution and work flexibility

Market Pressence

SOAP operates within the entire EU, having operational units within 8 countries

SOAP Car Wash Systems

Intelligent Solutions for Self-Service Car Washes

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